Squawk VFR - streaming control tower audio from municipal airports around Phoenix
Streaming audio from airport control towers around Phoenix, Arizona.

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Technical Site Specs
These are some comon questions I get from time to time.

Why do I do this? When I was a student pilot, learning the radio was really difficult for me. So I would drive to Glendale (GEU) and listen in my car to the radio talk. Later, I setup a scanner with a bigger antenna to listen from my house. Then I thought it would be cool to set something up so I could listen from work. You get the idea. Now I do it because I enjoy the challenge of keeping everything running. One of my goals is to stream all the airports in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

How long have you been doing this? I started streaming Glendale's tower audio in late 1999. Initially it was just for me, then in early 2000 I setup squawkvfr.com.

Why don't you have all the Phoenix area airports yet? This is mostly due to technical issues. The two major requirements to setting up an airport are:
The scanner location needs to be close enough to get a good signal.
The scanner location needs to have high-speed Internet (DSL, COX, T1, etc.).
If those two reqirements are ment then I can bring out an antenna, scanner, pc, and stream everything to my server. Right now all the locations are at a friendís or relativeís house.

How do you do this (briefly)? I setup a scanner near an airport. I connect the scanner to a PC which encodes (RealProducer) the audio into a 11kb/s stream and sends it to my server. Then you connect to my server (RealServer) and use Real One to listen to the audio.

Why is it when I'm listening, I sometimes get disconnected? This probably happens when listening to CHD or DVT more often than the others. These two particular airports are streamed across the Internet so sometimes the encoder loses its connection to the RealServer. That brief disruption would cause anyone currently listening to be disconnected. Simply reconnecting in a couple of minutes would get you going again.

Why do you use Real? When I started this, Real had the best product that would meet my technical requirements. Microsoft has since come a long way and currently has products that will meet these requirements (I think). I need to do some tests to make sure Microsoft is a viable solution, even though it did a good job when I recently streamed my wedding on the Internet using Microsoft Media Center.
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