Squawk VFR - streaming control tower audio from municipal airports around Phoenix
Streaming audio from airport control towers around Phoenix, Arizona.

Listen Live:
Chandler Airport  
Deer Valley Airport  
Falcon Field Airport  
Falcon Field Airport - ATIS  
Glendale Airport  
Glendale Airport - ATIS  
Goodyear Airport  
Luke AFB  
Scottsdale Airport  
Williams Gateway Airport  
Phoenix Sky Harbor - South  
APS (password required)  


Technical Site Specs
This is where I list any changes, report any news, or just make general comments about what is going on to Squawkvfr.com.

03/16/2003 - IWA. Setup Williams Gateway Airport for testing.
02/22/2003 - squawkvfr.com. Installed MS security updates to RealServer. When the server was rebooted, the RealServer license expired. Had to install the latest version of RealServer (now Helix) with new license.
02/18/2003 - DVT backup. Down for 2+ weeks due to encoder configuation needing update.
02/17/2003 - squawkvfr.com. Finsished bandwidth upgrade.
01/28/2003 - squawkvfr.com. Finished migration from bridged to point-to-point. Obtained a block of 16 IP addresses. DVT is down.
01/02/2003 - squawkvfr.com. Finished the FAQ page.
12/22/2002 - squawkvfr.com. Corrected problem with Cisco PIX firewall spontaneously rebooting.
11/21/2002 - squawkvfr.com. DSL line down for over 6 hours!
11/15/2002 - GYR. Per request, I set the squelch on the scanner as low as it would go.
10/30/2002 - GYR. Fixed GYR link that was pointing to GEU.
10/15/2002 - CHD back up. Was down for a while due to encoder authentication problems on new Real Server.
10/15/2002 - GYR on it's own encoder (was sharing with GEU). GYR on the new Real Server.
10/15/2002 - DVT back up. It was down (1week+) due to an ISP change at the encoder side.
10/14/2002 - CHD down. Trying to move it to new Real Server.
10/12/2002 - GEU is now streaming from new Real Server.
10/08/2002 - Setup new Real Server. Moved GEU audio to new server for testing.
09/30/2002 - Glendale encoder was down for unknown reason. Restarted encoder.
06/19/2002 - Added "Updates" page to track site additions/changes.
06/05/2002 - Added Deer Valley Airport audio.
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