Squawk VFR - streaming control tower audio from municipal airports around Phoenix
Streaming audio from airport control towers around Phoenix, Arizona.

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Chandler Airport  
Deer Valley Airport  
Falcon Field Airport  
Falcon Field Airport - ATIS  
Glendale Airport  
Glendale Airport - ATIS  
Goodyear Airport  
Luke AFB  
Scottsdale Airport  
Williams Gateway Airport  
Phoenix Sky Harbor - South  
APS (password required)  


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Flight/Flying Etc... AirNav.com - a great site with a plethora of airport information, including radio frequencies, latitude/longitude and miscellany of interest. skygod.com - quotes, jokes, stories relating to flying, space and more. Extremely entertaining. Federal Aviation Administration - the obligatory link... Sky Harbor International Airport - we ARE based in Phoenix, after all. Disclaimer: SquawkVFR.com in no way means to imply or infer any affiliation with any websites or organizations listed on this page. The links provided are simply to websites that we find amusing or helpful.
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