Squawk VFR - streaming control tower audio from municipal airports around Phoenix
Streaming audio from airport control towers around Phoenix, Arizona.

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Chandler Airport  
Deer Valley Airport  
Falcon Field Airport  
Falcon Field Airport - ATIS  
Glendale Airport  
Glendale Airport - ATIS  
Goodyear Airport  
Luke AFB  
Scottsdale Airport  
Williams Gateway Airport  
Phoenix Sky Harbor - South  
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Glendale Airport (KGEU)

It's back up. I hope for good. GYR/LUF are soon to follow . 9-6-2006
Overhead of Glendale Airport

Glendale Airport

Location Status: ONLINE
Location Audio: ONLINE
Frequency 1: 121.0
Frequency 2: NONE
Glendale Airport Audio

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